Co-Founder of InsightLA’s MBSR Program

Dr. Christiane Wolf

Christiane is an internationally respected Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainer and accredited to train and supervise MBSR teachers for the certification process of the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School. She teaches and trains both in the US and in Germany. She teaches from the heart of her own mindfulness practice, which began 25 years ago.

Trudy Goodman, founder and guiding teacher of InsightLA and one of the most respected senior mindfulness teachers in the US, is her main teacher. Christiane received teacher transmission from her in 2011.She is part also of the current master Insight meditation teacher training under Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein.

Christiane is the Director for MBSR programs at InsightLA, a Santa Monica based non-profit.  She is also the program director and lead instructor for VA CALM, an MBSR and mindfulness training program for clinicians at the Greater Los Angeles Veteran’s Administration.



Book: Clinicians Guide to Teaching Mindfulness

Book: Outsmart your Pain – Mindfulness and Self-Compassion To Help you Leave Chronic Pain Behind (Out May 2021)